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Environmental Responsibility

As one of the leading companies in terms of quality and technology with belief in continuous development and our priority is protecting the environment.

We are reducing pollution and harm that we may cause to the environment by using the best possible technology and controlling factors that may cause environmental pollution.

We are admitting all environmental laws and regulations as minimum qualification to protect the environment and continuously improving compatibility with legal requirements.

To protect the environment we are sharing our applications with our employees, customers and suppliers thus we are improving environmental awareness. To improve ourselves even further we are providing training according to emerging needs.

We are collecting our wastes to recycle in this way we are aiming to reduce consumption and extend the lifetime of natural resources.

As a respectful company to humanity and the environment, we are determined to reduce the output of waste and contaminant as a result of our production.

It is our duty to fulfill our responsibilities to today's people and future generations and protect the environment for our country and the whole world. With our continuously developing system, we are committed to being a company that protects the environment and prevent unnecessary use of resources.